Founded in 1971, Unicor is a company specialized in plastic injection molding and, through the test of time, have emerged ahead of their competitors and carved out a top position in one of the world’s most competitive markets. Our expertise in the plastics industry, experience gained during the last 4 decades and the talent of our staff combines to offer and meet the most stringent market requirements. This expertise places Unicor in a niche where it is able to offer the best service in the manufacturing of custom parts that require a high level of technical expertise, specific engineering resins and high quality standards.

Our Vision :

Unicor is the reference for their clients due to their innovation, expertise and mutually beneficial partnerships. We are a company that takes a pioneering approach to the market, and a place where teamwork, respect and productivity are values shared by all in a pleasant, challenging environment concerned with sustainable development.

Unicor is proud to work in collaboration with